Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines Day everyone!!~ I hope everyone has a special day today with loved ones, whether it may be your significant other, family or friends.

I wanted to share with you about our Agape Night that we held at church last weekend. Basically we try to teach our children's ministry about the power of God's love for us. We invited their families to come and sit at their own table to eat and do crafts together. Here are some pictures and quick DIY tips. =)

Centerpieces. We got some potted plants and candles are a easy way to fill up space and create a cozy feel to the room. We also scattered valentines candy around the centerpieces.

The programs for the night! =)

Easy easy DIY backdrop for a photobooth. =) You can easily recreate these with different colors and materials

Doesn't that look delicious and refreshing? The mothers made this with V8 Splash, cranberry juice and cut up strawberries, oranges and blueberries....yummm

Craft time! A posterboard was given to each family along with these materials. They took four family photos ahead of time and we handed it out to them. They were asked to decorate the posterboard with their pictures and other goodies. 
I truly felt the love that night. From the mothers rolling up their sleeves to help with dinner to the teary eyes at the end of the night when they say their love letters to their it was awesome. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!!


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