Monday, December 13, 2010

Please don't stop the music

Happy Monday everyone! Today our post is dedicated to all those who are passionate about music. If you are a musician or just love listening to music all day long, this is for you! This past weekend was a whirlwind for me. Saturday was the album release for my very good friend Esther Park and on Friday I went to Musicians Institute where my boyfriend is attending as a bass player and attended a concert at Music Box in Hollywood. So of course listening to different types of music and standing inside the concert hall I was very inspired. =)


 At any crafts store, you can purchase a heart shaped hole puncher and add a little twist to your table decor.



How about these beautiful roses that can double as favors for your guests as well as additional decor on the table settings? Hop on over to Vintage Twee's etsy shop to look at other goodies.

"Oooh that's our song!!" We had a lot of those moments right? =) If you want to share with your loved ones which songs became "your songs" while dating, how about using music sheets to hold a CD of all your favorite songs?

There are so many other ways to incorporate music throughout your wedding. It is so important to show your personality throughout your wedding and don't be afraid to do so!

Rock on,

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